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The XZ5000 horizontal directional drilling rig with the self-propelled chassis adopts ...

Product Specifications

Product model: XZ5000 horizontal directional drilling rig

Manufacturer: Xuzhou XCMG Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

The XZ5000 horizontal directional drilling rig with the self-propelled chassis adopts various advanced control technologies such as the energy saving hydraulic system, electro-hydraulic proportional controland load sensing control as well as the proprietary technologies of the company. Its main performance parameters and control technologies have reached the domestic advanced level. The main components of hydraulic system、electric system and transmission system are of top-grade domestic and international brand, and high reliability.


Performance characteristics

For the standard and optional configuration of engine, the originally imported VOLVO EFI engine is selected, its fuel consumption rate is low, and the power of the twin-engine is up to 788kW. It ensures that drilling rig can be used under various complicated geological conditions and can finish laying work. Single engine is capable of finishing all actions of the whole machine.

The hydraulic system adopts many advanced control technologies such as energy saving circuit, load sensing control as well as electro-hydraulic proportional control. The main components are imported products which are efficient, energy-saving and reliable.

Self-propelled crawler chassis has high traffic ability, making it convenient for transportation transition.

The hydraulic system is equipped with high pressure filter of mass flow and high precision, ensuring a long life of drilling rig.

The unit head adopts rack-and-pinion push-pull, stepless speed regulating with multiple gears, ensuring stable and efficient operation.

High-strength steel welded drill stand, fit for drill rods of different lengths.

Drill stand adopts hydro-cylinder push-pull for sliding to facilitate adjustment of angle for construction.

Vehicle-mounted crane of 5T is optional, convenient for field service.

Vice camera is a standard configuration. The operator can get a good vision when dismounting the drill rod, making it convenient for operation.

The clamp force of the vice is adjustable to more drill rods.

Slurry recovery device is provided, keeping the site tidy and preventing environment from being polluted.

Slurry swivel joint of large diameter has a higher slurry flow rate.

Rotation and push-pull adopt digital remote pressure adjustment technology, making it convenient and efficient for pressure setting and adjustment.

For the cosy working environment of driller operator,we apolegamy high-end operating room and cold and heat air conditioner for driller.

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