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XCMG XZ200 hdd machine small Trenchless horizontal directional drilling machine.

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XCMG HDD Machine XZ200 Hydraulic Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig.

XCMG horizontal drilling rig XZ200 has compact structure and attractive appearance, adopts various advanced technologies and the proprietary technologies of the company, and its main performance parameters and control technologies have reached the world advanced level. 

XCMG Horizontal Drilling Rig XZ200 Technical Characteristics:

1. Strong Power 

112kW horsepower engine is adopted to ensure that the drilling rig can complete pipe laying operations under all kinds of complicated geological conditions.

2.Two-Speed Unit Head

The unit head operates at a low speed during drilling and pullback to ensure smooth construction; and it can slide at an accelerating speed to reduce auxiliary time and improve work efficiency when the removable drill rod reciprocates with no-load.

3. Rubber Crawler

It has a minimal impact on roads, lawns and scenic spots.

4. Floating-Type Vise

It applies the proprietary floating-type vise of the company, which can effectively extend the service life of the drill rod.

5. Rotatable Control Desk

It widens the visual field and reduces the fatigue of the operator to make the drilling rig operation more simple and comfortable.

6. Automatic Handling Device of Drill Rod

This can improve efficiency, and reduce the operators' labor intensity and the number of construction personnel.

7. Automatic Anchoring

Hydraulic drive mode is applied, and the drilling and pullback of anchor is controlled by the oil cylinder and low-speed high torque motor; the operation is easy and convenient.

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